You had your eyes on that beautiful dress by Mahma Saleem, right? Let us surprise you, the dress is now available on a sale of 50% off! You just cannot miss this sale. Great discounts are being offered at this summer sale and the prices are exclusive! The long-awaited sale is here for you, so go grab your dresses before they run out of stock. Limited pieces available and the prices are as low as you could hardly imagine!

Let’s take a look at some of the beauties we have at the store!

This tunic by Mahma Saleem is a perfect evening wear. Made out of silk fabric and digitally printed with an elegant design. The tunic is for 2500 Rs after an amazing discount of 50%. What else would someone wish for? If you have not grabbed your piece, go and do it right away!


This scarlet red dress is an essential for your wardrobe this year. Not just the color but the fall and flow of the dress is blooming. Paired with those gharara pants the suit is the perfect choice to be made before this sale ends. Just for 6000Rs!


This tea-pink color is going to be the hit this summer. Have a close look at the hand embroidered motif and the delicacy and neatness of the stitch.  The dropping bell sleeves look elegant when worn. The dress has been paired with plain bootleg pants. The dress is available at a great discount, don’t forget to check it out.



The sky blue colour is the summer color this season. The tunic of this dress has been hand embroidered with beautiful motifs around the neckline and below. The hem of the dress has been pleated to give an elegant touch to it. This is paired with straight trouser.


This tunic has been stitched in a poncho style. The sides are dropping and the shocking pink color has been best chosen for the dress to spread brightness along the way. A beige motif has been embroidered with hand and the tunic has been outlined by the same beige color. This dress could have been an expensive one, but as there is a sale going on at Mahma’s, you will be lucky to have it at a price as low as 6000. The best part is that the tunic has been paired with straight pants.


A three-piece suit, that too of chiffon and embroidered. Still, you can get it for just a price as low as 5500. The dress can be your best choice to be worn at a kitty party or a tea party. The tunic and the dupatta have been embroidered carefully and elegantly keeping the glory of the off-white color.


Going to visit a friend and just want to be comfortable with ever you wear and still nail the look. This tunic is going to do for you. The baggy tunic made out of lawn fabric is extremely comfy and stylish.


A perfect evening wear just to feel good even around at home. At such a reasonable price and great discount now. Get your hands on it before it runs out of stock.


A peplum top, beige with embroidered motifs which highly compliment the color. The peplum is stitched from the delicate net fabric which is self-embroidered. The peplum has been paired with plain beige pants with a bow tie at the bottoms.

this shirt of the net has been embroidered with a beautiful motif sitting at the side of neckline just on the front. The hem and the sleeves have been lined with a pink Banarsi fabric, which is adding to the elegance of the dress.