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Mahma Saleem, who strongly believes and is all set to work her way up on women empowerment. Aspiring to be an icon and motivation for women. The basic logic and motive behind introducing a label for women clothing were all about bringing confidence in women through what they wear. The designer strives hard to change the fashion scenario of the country and step up the level of integrity among women.

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Mahma Saleem is not just your designer wear but it is an effort to build up a better design and fashion sense among the industry and women who lead. Mahma Saleem’s clothing has been supplying its designs to the highly rated and top famous morning shows of Pakistan. Recently, at Hyderabad Fashion Week, Nadia Hussain and Fauzia Aman flaunted showstoppers to the Mahma Saleem’s bridal wear.

Now that the brand has developed its entity among women, Men’s collection has also been launched at the recent fashion show. Welcoming the warm appreciation from the men, the brand has decided to carry it with grace.

You can find your favorite Mahma Saleem designs at multi-brand stores like Brands just pretty, Labels and Fashion Central. Not just in Pakistan but located in Abu Dhabi as well, exhibitions by Brands just Pret included Mahma Saleem’s collection as well.

As told, Mahma Saleem started her brand to become not just an entrepreneur but an exemplary woman for the women of Pakistan. The Designer herself said,

“I always wanted to express myself through clothing, and changing the dynamics of clothing in Pakistan”

At Mahma Saleem, every single design is self-designed by the designer herself. The passion shows in the shape of the work she delivers. Her designs are the amalgam of creativity and love for work which shines out every time among the rest.

The brand is promising and has received an overwhelming response from the designers who have accepted the challenge Mahma Saleem has placed in the industry by setting the high standard.

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